Kidz ASK: This week children from St Justine’s Primary, Deptford put their questions Theresa May


What is your favourite cake? (Tom Year 2)

I don’t think it is helpful for me to name my ‘favourite’ cake. As we move through the Article 50 process it’s important to remember that the UK is a major player in the global baking industry. Whether it be Kiplings, Tunnocks or indeed any of our other industrialised cake makers let’s “talk our buns up” rather than do that very British thing of “talking treats down.”

Where do you like to go on holiday? (Kezia – Year 6)

The Peak District is a firm favourite but like many people I also go abroad, to seek to build partnerships with different holiday providers and explore networking opportunities with fellow tourists.

What is your favourite colour? (Daniel – Reception)

Goodness me. What a difficult question Daniel. Rather than choose one specific colour I want to see a nation where all colours work together for everyone and I think it would be extremely unhelpful and divisive to start picking favourites.

Were you ever in trouble at school? (Princess – Year 5)

As a government we have sought to ring-fence spending on children with special behavioural needs.

So……were you ever in trouble at school? (Princess – Year 5)

On one occasion I do recall forgetting to put my tray on the side after lunch. I remember the teacher telling me to go back and get it – so I did – but I did so a little sulkily.  It’s one of those awful childhood memories of rebelliousness. I think we all get one chance though don’t we. Certainly, I am very ashamed of my behaviour.

If you could invite either Miley Cyrus or Ed Sheeran to dinner who would you ask and what would you cook them? (Savannah – Year 6)

At a time when the whole country is pulling together it would be very inappropriate for me as Prime Minister to sow more division. I would invite both Miley and Edward for supper and then seek to focus on delivering the very best shepherd’s pie I could – one that would meet the needs of both celebrities. Unless of course one of them turned out to be a vegetarian, which is quite likely isn’t it, in which case I suppose we could cook more vegetables (coughs) sorry. Or provide a suitable vegetarian option.

Pewdie Pie. Sick or dank meme generator? (Kyle – Year 5)

I beg your pardon?

Pewdie who?

What do you like about being Prime Minister? (Amelia – Year 4)

I want Britain to be a place where everyone can succeed. I have confidence that through dialogue and concerted effort we can build a country that rewards every citizen in these isles. A nation everybody can get behind – an inclusive Britain. An outward Britain. An inward Britain. A Britain going forward while not forgetting the Britain that we have left behind. Together. Forever. And if not forever (coughs) for a jolly long time.

What does that mean? (Amelia – Year 4)

I’m very sorry Amelia but I have answered that question (coughs) as clearly I think I can and there are other children with questions to answer – so let’s move on.

Is Brexit deliverable in the time-frame set and would it not be better to put the final deal to the people in the form of a second referendum? (Muhammed – Year 6)

Oh gosh. Look – I’m focusing on delivering Article 50. Your parents and their parents and indeed all the Mums and Dads have spoken (coughs) and they have said – very clearly – that they want a Britain outside of Europe but also one that delivers all of the benefits, security and happpiness that the EU has given us. For free. The people have given me a clear mandate to deliver that and there is no need for a second referendum.


Do you believe in unicorns? (Zac – Year 4)

I am not prepared to answer hypothetical questions.

Will I be repatriated with my parents to France? (Fabienne – Year 1)

If you are an EU citizen we currently cannot guarantee the rights of you or your family. Brexit wasn’t about racism – it was about getting the very best deal for the British people. So yes – most probably. Look there’s no need to cry. There’s “What’s Up” and “Facebooked” nowadays and I’m sure all of your chums will stay in touch. All of us have an uncertain future so there really is no need to cry like that. Oh dear. Every single one of us doesn’t know what will happen next week, next year or next month. Even me! We all….. all of us …. have an indeterminate future. Learning that as a six year old girl might be no bad thing!

Thank you Prime Minister –

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