Trollasaurus Brexitanicus – a definitive glossary of Brexit/Libertarian/alt-right twitter terms

Since posting the original list I have been sent dozens of suggestions which I have naturally plagiarised and incorporated in here. You can see the sources under my original tweet and my thanks to everyone who contributed. To friends, foes and sparring partners I’d like to say that there are lots and lots of centerist and left wing phrases and tropes that are ripe for satirising and I would encourage anyone wanting to compile that list to do so – I’ll even link to it if you get in first.

Meanwhile and without further delay here is Otto English’s Trollasaurus Brexitanicus:

All views my own

I’m a racist


Never met a Muslim but seen them in The Express

Anti-FGM campaigner

Racist who doesn’t like women


Racist who watches Roy Chubby Brown – on VHS


Racist who likes to tell people that Islam isn’t a race

British/US/Canada flag

Dan Hannan – or worse – Dan Hannan fan


Racist who has discovered how to buy skunk on web

Enoch was right

Haven’t had sex since the 70s


Haven’t had sex since the 80s

Tommy is right

Haven’t had sex since the 90s


Haven’t had sex at all

Failed EU project

Know nothing about the EU but sad with my life choices

Islam is not a race

So I can’t get arrested for being racist – brilliant innit

Free Speech advocate

Particularly unpleasant racist

70s TV tribute account

Racist with a shit sense of humour

Fluffy animal pics


Pictures of pixies

Russian bot


Russian bot


Russian bot

Marine A

When I get pissed I tell people I was in the SAS


Anti-semite who thinks the Earth is flat


Racist with 4 O’levels

Classical Liberal

Racist with golf club membership and a Volvo

Conservative Christian

Racist who never goes to church

Check out my website

Got sacked from MSM for making repeated racist comments

Loves Europe hates EU

Racist twat who probably lives in Spain or France


Failed history, maths, geography and life

Says it like it is

Racist who objects to being called a racist

Speaks for silent majority

Racist who rarely gets out


Genuinely frightened




The “iden” and “arian” are silent.

3 thoughts on “Trollasaurus Brexitanicus – a definitive glossary of Brexit/Libertarian/alt-right twitter terms

  1. Except for the last on this dreary and unimaginative list, these putative comic translations show little wit and no comprehension . No wonder ,as Paul Joseph Watson hilariously points out ,ad infinitum, leftards are losing the World Web and meme wars. Ho,ho, hee,hee…….snigger.


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