Jayda Fransen on Muslams, Trump, Sonny and Cher.


“I were born in 1986 and you would not believe how different England was back then. That were in the days before mass uncontrolled immigration from the EU. You still had Wimpys on every street in every town selling fast food, you still had them big 50p pieces and Bros was about to break out into the charts. Now it’s all Indian restaurants and kebab shops and kids in schools have to go the mosque and nobody listens to Bros. Growing up me old Nan – with a tear in her eye – would say “promise me love. Promise me Jayda. Promise me that one day we can have that England back. The one with Bros and Wimpy – and them big 50p pieces.” I promised that to her on her death bed. Then she recovered and forgot all about it. But I did not.

jayda 3


People says I am racist but I am not. I object to the Islamifactationisation of England because we do not practise foreign religions here. Muslam is a Middle Eastern religion and Christianity most definitely is not. We are English and we worship the Bible and Jesus. You cannot and I cannot stress this enough be racist about Muslams, because Muslam  is not a race. The two hundred metres is a race. The London Marathon is a race, the Grand National is a race, but Muslam is a religion and there’s no running involved. So do not call me a racist. I might not like the blacks or the Jews or the Asians but it’s not because I am racist.


I get disgusted when I see the Islamificationisation of our nation. I were with Paul (Golding leader of Britain First) in the Red Cross charity shop in Ashford the other day and we was looking at the CDs and that and then I shrieks and I’m going “like what is this?” And in the racks yeah there’s this CD of “Sonny and Cher” and them is like the two strands of Islam, which I know because I read the back of Tommy Robinson’s book on twitter. And I stand up on the counter and I take out my mid-sized cross which I always carry with me in case of an emergency and the old lady behind the counter is going: “could you step down dear it isn’t very safe!” And I shouts: “NO! I will not rest until this filth is destroyed. Then I stamped on the CD and smashed it and then, having fallen through the counter and pushed the old lady out the way – I marched out.”  Sonny and Cher were the founders of Islam and having that so blatantly in a shop like the Red Cross is disgusting to be fair.


I am a committed Christian. I go to church sometimes as much as once a year – at Christmas – more if there’s a funeral. Jesus hated Muslams because of their Halal practises of killing animals. I am an animal lover like most British people and will not eat butchered meat. The thought that someone has killed the animal to put it in the packaging is disgusting. We at Britain First only eat bacon. It isn’t halal and the pig hasn’t died making it. Also, it literally wards off the Muslams – if they even see it they run screaming away. It has worked because neither Paul nor I has been ritually slaughtered and I put that down to the bacon.


When Donald Trump retweeted me I thought “it’s all been worth it Jayda.” A retweet from the Prime Minister of America is the biggest arcade you could have. It’s like winning the Victoria Medal and I done a lap of the town with my “special occasions” cross (the big one) and I told everyone. People despise us because we despise them but one day when I am President of Britain and all the Muslams have been deported back to Belgium I like to think Donald Trump will invite me to Downing Street to say thank you – and perhaps give me an even bigger cross.”

jayda 2
Crosses, poppies and flags. REAL patriots.

As told to Otto English – SATIRE

2 thoughts on “Jayda Fransen on Muslams, Trump, Sonny and Cher.

  1. For a moment I thought this was real …
    Thanks for showing that these crazy right wingers are similar everywhere.

    I still remember Wimpy from my trips to London in the 60s and 70s – those were the days!


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