Boris johnson’s Bulkshit legacy

Bulkshit: (noun) political chaos; situation in which everything has become unremittingly awful.

Forget ‘omnishambles’ we are now living in the era of ‘bulkshit‘.

You don’t need to come here to learn what bulkshit means. Open your eyes and look about you people – it is everywhere.

Bulkshit is the new (Sue) Gray.

And its origins can be found in that old favourite – Brexit. A wholly unneccessary, obviously destructive, political decision, foisted on this country by a bunch of nationalist wingnuts, harking after a Spitfire-neverland and a bunch of Machiavellian fellow travellers, who thought it might get them the throne (spoiler it did). Millions of Britons were essentially duped into backing something that could only do them harm while a bunch of rich enablers grew powerful off the back of it.

The referendum unleashed years of misery on the nation but the worst bit is – it’s only just begun.

Boris Johnson promised to “Get Brexit Done” but like his promises at the altar it meant nothing. Brexit proper will mean years of chaos and bulkshit to come and with Britain cut apart from its closest allies, its biggest trading partners and its favourite holiday destinations we ordinary people will feel the pain most of all.

And then – and again this is not exactly breaking news – we’ve had the Coronavirus pandemic. At least 165,000 lives lost and millions more left mourning the dead and/or recovering from their own encounters with the virus whether physical, mental or professional. That has added to the bulkshit in any manner of ways from the rise of the anti-vaxx movement to the government’s catastophic mishandling of the crisis and the fallout from it.

But the icing on the bulkshit birthday cake has been that throughout this public health crisis we have had a clown at the wheel of SS Britannia. And not even one of those rare funny ones. This is a scary clown, a cosplaying Pennywise in hi-viz make-up, who is too lazy to turn up in the squall and too distracted to consult the rest of the crew on the course that has been charted.

For twenty years Britons were sold the line that ‘Boris’ was a fun-loving, man-of-the-people who was destined to one day fulfil his destiny and become a fabulous Prime Minister.

That too was a lie. Nothing in his CV ever suggested that he would be anything less than an unmitigated disaster. His career has been peppered with inadequacy, failure and dishonesty.

As party-gate has rumbled on, as excuses have shot out of Downing Street like the effluent from a rusted sewage pipe; as the extent of his entitlement has become ever more apparent and as the ‘he’s doing his best’ line has worn ever more thin, Johnson has been shown up for what he is. He stands naked before us all as a self-serving incompetent who shouldn’t be trusted with a plate of jelly let alone the destiny of a people.

And it’s not just him. Whether it’s Truss jetting off on a £500,000 round trip to Australia, or his SPADS, sipping Rioja in the midst of lockdown in the Westminster sun; whether it’s the Sue Gray report doing its best impression of Beckett’s Godot or the PM’s official spokesperson laughing as she thinks up some excuse to explain a party away, this is government of the elitists, for the elitists and by the elite creating more bulkshit with every passing day.

It may finally be hitting the fan – but unfortunately it is us, the British people, who are caught in the crossfire.


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